The 2011 Dystance4Dystonia 5k Runners’ Results

Alabama’s 2nd Annual Dystance4Dystonia 5k Run
Runners results

First, let me apologize for the delay in getting posting the results for Alabama’s 2nd Annual Dystance4Dystonia 5k Run we had on 9/24/2011 in Dothan, Alabama.  I found (after I had lost) the list of results with the times!  I am just glad I found them.  Dystonia Medical Research Foundation is still working on a final figure for the run, so you will just have to wait for the numbers, but I will tell you we are very proud of what we accomplished.  As soon as we get them, we will get them on the blog.

Now, I must say thanks to all the participants.  What we accomplished could not have been possible without all of you.  This is the list of the people that placed and their times.  I want to apologize right now if I have your name misspelled.  So, thanks to all, again, and we hope to see you again next year!!

Overall Female:
1. Katie Barrentine 25:31
2. Michelle Sheffield 28:06
3. Courtney Noon 28:36

Overall male:
1. Dave Durbin 21:13
2. Phillip Metcalf 22:34
3. Brent Cowen 22:49

10-14 yrs old
1. Cj Anderson 24:59
2. Austin Anderson 30:41

15-19 yrs old
1. Tucker Poppell 25:06
2. Joanna Hartzog 38:05
3. Brittany Hemphill 38:51

20-29 yrs old
1. Will Lurie 24:29
2. Jerrica Hall 29:46
3. Natalie Lurie 30:24

30-39 yrs old
1. Kristi Hickey 28:58
2. Mike Tapley 29:05
3. Robert Shefieeld 29:09

40-49 yrs old
1. Bobby Jesswein 23:40
2. Johnny Lingo 24:52
3. Malissa Sanders 28:55

50-59 yrs old
1. Joey Harvey 22:57
2. Kingsley Paquette 24:01
3. Ken McGinity 24:58

60+ yrs old
1. Ralph Wilson 25:49
2. Henry Reynolds 27:33
3. Carl Griffler 28:57

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