May 18, 2013 Meeting

MINUTES MAY 18, 2013

In Attendance:  Dick Darden, Polly and Bill LeVert, Mary Ann Culotta

Dick shared a new book out “LIVING WITH DYSTONIA” that he had brought with him.  Mary Ann also shared current newsletter research. She also shared websites Pat Wyatt had emailed her for the meeting.  Polly and Bill reported on problems incurred in doing the website and plan to update dates and add links etc.  The website is basically limited by design.  Mary Ann also updated everyone on the great progress of the worm shack that Ken Williams has solicited support for over the years. The drug is now in the clinical stage for study!  She also mentioned Tim Hornsby of our satellite group that is having a difficult time.  We are keeping him, Virginia and family in our prayers.  Their daughter, Rebecca’s blog has been a true inspiration and so informative.

Dick announced the National Spasmodic Torticollis Association will have their annual symposium this year in Atlanta, Georgia.  It will take place the weekend of October 19 -20, 2013.  We decided that since this is the same weekend that we are scheduled to have a DSGA meeting that we will try and get a group to go that weekend instead of meeting in Birmingham.  May of our members have this type of Dystonia?  If you are interested in going please let us know.  We will send more info later, as well as, when it gets closer to time.

Dick reported that we have $1,500.00 in the treasury and that 20 people have sent in their dues of $35.00.  Please send your dues in if you have not yet done so to Dick Darden.  He also plans to get the current list we are using for our emails to Ken and Pat to see if they can assist in making it more accurate.  We know there are those that have moved etc.

Our next meeting will be the July social/barbeque and it will be at 11:00 am on Saturday, July 20.  As usual the meat will be provided and we need everyone else to fill in the menu with sides and desserts.  Please join us for this time together to share and enjoy!  A notice will be sent in the first part of July to RSVP and sign up for what you would like to bring.  It’s always great fun.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 am.


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