February 16, 2013 Meeting

February 16, 2013 Minutes

In Attendance:  Pat Wyatt, Mary Ann Culotta, Polly and Bill LeVert, Virginia Hurst, Carroll Nason, Brenda Northrup, Bill and Helen Mazur

President Pat Wyatt welcomed everyone and because of the three new members we each introduced ourselves and shared/discussed our individual types of dystonia providing information and support.

A DVD was shown entitled “The Fifth Nerve”.  It introduces dentist Dr. Brendan Stack and neurologist Dr. Sims discussing a procedure that affects several neurological disorders including dystonia.  Before and after scenes were shown of various patients with cervical, general dystonia and other disorders.  An orthotic dental appliance is inserted in the mouth and almost instantly the body responses positively relieving the symptoms of the disorder.  It was quite amazing to see the transformation.  It is believed that the brain stem that signals the nerves to the brain are stimulated causing the effect.  You can learn more on www.thefifthnerve.com.

This discovery is in the early stages and the appliance does somewhat impede clear speech.  In the end of the video it says and we all agree that the new discovery has implications for further research for dystonia.  The National organization does not recognize this procedure as proven treatment at this time.  A good discussion followed the video.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am and all were reminded that the next meeting will be in May on our usual third Saturday at 10:00 am – Lakeshore Foundation second floor meeting room.  The topic will be sent out later.

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